Welcome to the world of smart locks and next-generation access control. On our website, we offer advanced solutions for the security of your home and business.

Our smart locks can be controlled from anywhere and at any time via a mobile or web application. You can securely lock and unlock the door with just a tap on your smartphone. Plus, you can program virtual keys for family, friends, or guests and receive a real-time notification every time someone enters or leaves.

To complement the security of your home or business, we also offer an access control system. With this system, you can set different access levels for your employees or guests and receive a detailed report of who entered and left at what time. Additionally, you can customize access times and schedule automatic locks and unlocks.

Our smart lock and access control solutions are designed to be easy to use and install. We offer professional technical support and quality assurance to make sure your experience is as satisfactory as possible.

Don’t wait any longer and provide your home or business with the security it needs. Discover all the options we have available on our website and make your choice with confidence. We are here to help you at all times!

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Easy Lock

Housing door opening
Opening of the portal or passage door
Light and sound warning open door
Programmable automatic closing
Parental control enabled
Remote opening